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Cinematheque Française – 16 Juin 2017 – UPDATE: 3 July 2017

Posted on: June 18th, 2017 | Category: News

With deepest thanks to M. Laurent Mannoni for the invitation, I gave a talk in Paris at the Cinematheque Française on Friday 16th June. The subject was J L Baird – illustrated heavily with extracts from my video restorations.

M Mannoni has a passion for the earliest imagery in media, and there is nothing earlier in television than the experimental 30-line recordings made by Baird in the 1920s and made by viewers of the BBC’s 30-line Television Service in the mid-1930s. Bernard Tichit followed with a fascinating talk on the mechanical era of television in France covering largely the period from 1931-35.

UPDATE: 3-July-2017. The video of both complete presentations has been posted on the Cinematheque Française Vimeo channel at