CD Reviews


“This is a wealth of fascinating material, both audio and visual, and is highly recommended as a wonderful supplement to the many books about Baird and early British television”.
— Prof Chris Sterling, Editor, Communication Booknotes Quarterly, 36:2, Spring 2005

“It’s fantastic! The content is out of this world and the presentation brilliant. It is just great to have all this information in one source. To include Here’s Looking at You by Bruce Norman was a stroke of genius, as it is such an invaluable book. This is a researchers’ dream and so brilliantly laid out, it’s so logical to find what you want.”
— Simon Vaughan, Archivist, Alexandra Palace Television Society

Feedback from buyers

“… the greatest collection of original information on pre-war British Television ever assembled in one package. My hearty congratulations and thanks. It took me an entire weekend just to cover the basics. Phenomenal!”
— E. H., Derbyshire, UK

“Here on two discs you’ve provided what the TV historian has always dreamed about. I thought your book was great but this (CD) just blows me away. This is utterly fantastic! Many thanks for all your research.”
— J. N., Devon, UK

“The CD arrived the day after I ordered it. Thank you for the prompt delivery. I’m writing to say how impressed I am with the professionalism of the package. The range of material and the quality of presentation is outstanding, and to have ALL the (surviving) 30-line recordings is just incredible. Thank you for making all this available.”
— F. G., Warwickshire, UK

“… a fascinating and incredibly extensive and well-presented review of early British TV history. The audio element alone would be very good value at the modest price. (Accessing the CDROM data on Disc 2)… and I was in Early TV Wonderland with a staggering cornucopia of information in all forms. So much for so little shows that this was a labour of love.”
— R. C.