This is an incomplete personal list of books and publications which I have found useful as background to the work described on this website.

For more on the experimental work of Baird, consult:

  • Dinsdale, Television, 2nd edn 1928 (the 1st edition is very brief and is available in facsimile form from KellyBooks in Tiverton, Devon)
  • Moseley & Barton-Chapple, Television Today and Tomorrow, (any of the editions)

For an authoritative and accurate account of the work of the Baird Company, consult:

  • R M Herbert, Seeing by Wireless, self-published, 1996

For the current definitive account of Campbell-Swinton’s achievements, consult:

  • T H Bridgewater OBE, Royal Television Society Monograph 1, 1982: A A Campbell Swinton

For the best accounts of BBC 30-line television in the 1930’s, consult:

  • John Swift, Adventure in Vision – the first 25 years of Television, Lehmann 1950
  • Gordon Ross, Television Jubilee, W H Allen 1961
  • T H Bridgewater OBE, Just a Few Lines, Supplement to Bulletin of British Vintage Wireless Society, August 1992
  • Bruce Norman, Here’s Looking at You, BBC & Royal Television Society, 1984 (Available as read-only PDF files on the CD: The Dawn of Television Remembered)

For more general reference information on historic television consult:

  • Abramson, The History of Television, 1880 to 1941, McFarland 1987
  • Briggs, A. The History of Broadcasting in the United Kingdom, Violume 2: The Golden Age of Wireless (1927-1939) Oxford University Press, 2nd edn. (1995) [Make sure you refer to the 2nd edition as Briggs makes multiple minor errors in the 1965, 1st edition]
  • Burns R W, British Television, the Formative Years, Peregrinus 1986
  • Burns R W, Television – an international history of the formative years, Peregrinus 1998 ISBN 0 85296 914 7
  • Shiers G, Early Television – A Bibliographic Guide to 1940, Garland Publishing 1997 ISBN 0-8240-7782-2

More recent publications that may be of interest:

  • Burns R W, John Logie Baird, Television Pioneer, IEE 2000, ISBN 0 85296 797 7
  • Kamm A and Baird M, John Logie Baird, A Life, NMS Publishing 2002, ISBN 1 901663 76 0
  • Aldridge M, The Birth of British Television, Palgrave MacMillan 2012, ISBN 978 0 230 27769 4

And don’t forget:

  • McLean D F, Restoring Baird’s Image, IEE 2000, ISBN 0 85296 795 0